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Thanks Glenda.



Management is great they are always willing to help and always have a positive attitude when entering the office, maintenance gets requests done in a timely manor. The floor plans are so SO cute!






My boyfriend and I have lived here for a little over 8 months, and we don't have much to complain about. We lived out of state before, so we never got a chance to look at the property or the apartments, but we chose them and so far, we've been lucky. One downside is that we got the smallest 1 bedroom available (and the only floor plan that was in our price range at the time). It's only 550 square feet, which for two people and a dog can get kind of crowded. It was hard to tell from the pictures online how much space there was. Also, coming from out of state and only seeing the place online, I had the impression we were getting a balcony, however that was not the case. Only the two buildings that are closest to the road have balconies/patios, while the back ones don't. The management is great. We've never had any issues with them. The maintenance people are also great. We've had to put in several little work orders, and each time they've come to fix the issue in a timely manner. These apartments were built in the 70s I believe, so there are some old/outdated elements in the apartment: the sliding closet doors get off track a lot, the closet shelves are pretty flimsy, and I'm not a fan of the baseboard heaters taking up at least half of the perimeter of the apartment. But they just renovated the apartment right before we moved in, so the floors, paint, kitchen appliances, and cabinetry are all brand new. I personally love the aesthetic/design of the place, which you can see in the pictures on their website. The amenities are awesome. We haven't gotten a chance to use the pool yet, as it wasn't open when we first moved in, but we are looking forward to using it this summer. Around the pool, they have a couple grills, a fireplace, and lounge chairs. The exercise room is great with a wide variety of equipment (treadmills, free weights, aerobic ball, etc). The office center's computers are pretty slow, but I usually don't have to use them so it is not an issue to me personally. If you take a visit to the office, they almost always have complimentary snacks/beverages out. This place is very dog friendly -- in the back corner of the property, there is a small gated dog run, which is great when your furry friend needs to get some energy out. They also have dog poop bag dispensers all around the property. At least one of the tenants lets their dog around the property off leash, which I do not care for (there's a gated dog run for a reason!). As far as I am aware, there is not a leash rule in place, but it would be nice if there was. The rent really isn't that high compared to similar-level apartments in the area. Another community just north is pretty similar, and they're about the same price if not more expensive. The gas/water/trash/sewage bill comes from 52nd Marketplace. The amount due isn't based on your own apartment's usage, but on averages of all of the units--they lay out how it is all calculated in the lease. Sometimes it can be annoying because you never know if someone in the building is using a ton of water/heat and pushing everyone else's bill up, but I've come to accept it. They also charge some other fees each month, which my understanding is that these cover maintaining the community's amenities. It makes sense. For two people living in a one bedroom, the utilities/fees bill ends up being about $120/month. The location of this place is also really great. It is right next to the Interstate, so it's quick to get pretty much anywhere. I wouldn't consider the area right around it the most walking friendly, BUT after a few months of living here, we ventured south a block and found the Interurban Trail which is great for walking, running, biking, etc. It is also only a quick 20 minute walk up to Olde Town Arvada which is really awesome. Overall, I have been pretty happy with this place. We are thinking about upgrading to a larger apartment when it's time to renew the lease.


We have been living here for over 2 months now. We do have one issue. When we were showed an apartment we were told this would be the one we got. After we signed the lease and given the keys we were given the apartment next to it and they gave that one to someone else. That apartment had an updated kitchen and ours did not. The wife was a little upset and we decided to ignore it. Besides that we have had no issues and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The rooms and closets are huge which is pretty sweet.


For the past 3 years, I have called the 52nd Marketplace Apartments my home. If I did not have to relocate for work, I would still be there. I am going to summarize this review based on a couple of key categories. 1.) The Property: The management and maintenance teams have been working diligently to make upgrades to the exterior of the property and the interior of the units. In just the past couple of months, there have been significant improvements including, but not limited to installing new flooring in the laundry rooms, renovating the gym, installing an awesome fire pit by the poolside, installing new community BBQ girls, and installing walkways throughout the courtyard to remove the ugly and useless stone path. The parking lot was also recently re-paved and re-coated. The exterior of the buildings as also re-painted to give it a fresher, modern look and not look like a motel from the 80s. 2.) The Management: The property manager was recently replaced with a different person. When comparing the previous manager to the current, it is night and day. The current property manager has an amazing knack for customer service and has a surefire “get it done, by any means necessary” attitude. She came in guns blazing (so to speak) and was getting things done. She goes the extra mile to learn and remember your name and has conversations with you. None of the pre-fabricated generalized conversation pieces. 3.) The Maintenance: I have been fortunate enough to only need to make a maintenance request one time in my three years of living here (that should give you an idea of the condition of the units and the upkeep services). My toilet was overflowing when I came home from work (11 PM, mind you) and Phil was there within minutes of calling and he fixed the issue within seconds. He also provided a wet-vac and offered to clean the mess up himself. The maintenance guys are always around the property and all of them are genuinely nice. Ray, the lead maintenance gentleman, is one of the nicest maintenance guys I have ever met. When it snows, Ray is the one out there in the morning shoveling, laying salt, and plowing the walkways. This apartment really is a solid place to live. The prices of the units align with other properties in the area and with all the upgrades that have been done and are continuing to have, you get your bang for your buck. Everything you would ever need is within walking distance if you needed it and I have never witnessed any police activity, drunken fights, or loud noise afterhours like other reviews have indicated. The management office does have a package pick-up service (which they do check your ID’s and ask you to present them the package so they can verify the names). Overall, 52nd Marketplace is a great option if you are looking for an apartment in the Arvada area. With the addition of the light rail station coming to Old Town, I would jump on the opportunity while you can.

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